Watch the video how to unlock Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your Mercedes-Benz


Connect MBENZcoder adapter to the OBD port and it will activate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in under 1 minute. See below for supported Mercedes-Benz models:

Supported Mercedes-Benz models:

For some older models MY2014/MY2015, it is required to update your head unit to the latest NTG5.1 version at the dealer before you can activate and enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Supported models with COMMAND AND AUDIO 20 NTG5s1 head unit:

A-Class W176 produced 12.2015+
B-Class W246 produced 12.2015+
CLA-Class W117 produced 12.2015+
CLS-Class C218 produced 07.2014+ (COMAND only SA531)
E-Class W212/C207 produced 03.2015+ (COMAND only SA531)
GLA-Class W156 produced 12.2015+
GLE-Class W166 produced 01.2016+
GLE-Coupe W292 produced 01.2016+
GLS-Class X166 produced 01.2016+


C/GLC/E/CLS Series NTG5.2 

(Please buy a different model NTG5.2)

Supported Models:

C-Class W205 production 09.2017-06.2018 (SA154 Datacard code necessary)

C-Class W205 Facelist production 07.2018+ (SA506 Datacard code necessary)

GLC-Class X253 production 09.2017+ (SA154 Datacard code necessary)

E-Class W213 production 07.2018+ (SA506 Datacard code necessary)

E-Class W238 production 07.2018+ (SA506 Datacard code necessary)

CLS-Class W257 (SA506 Datacard code necessary)

SA531 COMAND Online (HU5) is not supported.

Please send us your VIN code and we will get back to you with a CarPlay/Android Auto solution:

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Buy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto activation tool for Mercedes - Benz for Command NTG5.2 W205 C-class W253 GLC-class E-class W213;W238 CLS-class W257



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How long it takes for the coder to arrive?

Please see our detailed list for a shipping times to a specific countries. We also have a DHL Express shipping option available which takes no more than 2-5 business days for the order to arrive.

Will it work with my Mercedes-Benz if my model is not on the list?

No, it will not work, please do not order.

What is the return policy?

We do not accept returns, please read description carefully before you order.

How many times I can use this tool?


Is there an installation instruction?

Yes, please watch installation video at the top of this page.